Pastor Jonathan’s Farewell Words

That they would hear!

The gospel must be preached to all nations – gather a great multitude that no one could read, from all tribes and kindreds and nations and languages.

These thoughts have been imprinted on my heart over the course of 51⁄2 years where I served in GNN Finland missions and at home.

The last period has been valuable – I learned various things from Pastors Arto and Orvokki, as well as their enthusiasm in the work of unreached people groups.

Together with Pr. Arto, we did multiple mission trips to East Africa and Southeast Asia. In some evenings we held “vision-casting” seminars in Finnish local churches. Representing GNN, we delivered more than 150 “that they would hear” radio programs which are heard on Tuesdays and Saturdays on Radio Patmos’ channel in Finland.

Our time in Finland has come to an end and a new chapter is waiting for us in Australia, but “that they would hear,” vision will remain. Thank you Arto and Orvokki for being faithful to your calling.

Thank you to the GNN management team for all the support and also to all of you who have prayed and supported us in different ways.

Let’s do our part to fulfil the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus!

He is the Lord of the harvest and will return soon.