Prayer Challenge and Report from Tanzania

Persecution in the tourist hotspot of Zanzibar

The battered pastor and his wife standing in front of their burned house in Zanzibar

In December 2020, three of our pioneers in Tanzania visited Zanzibar, a former slave-trade island, where 99% of the inhabitants are Muslim. The team met seven local pastors, all of whom had been persecuted. One of them had been attacked just half a year earlier; in addition to being violently assaulted, his home and church were destroyed, the family’s goats and chickens were stolen, and he was thrown to jail. The court eventually denied him any compensation for damages and prohibited him from preaching. Upon hearing this, we sent some aid along with the GNN team to assist in his recuperation. The other persecuted preachers were also given some small support to encourage them to continue with their ministry.

• Intercessions are needed! Would you and perhaps your church take the work in Zanzibar as your special prayer challenge this year?

Training in Dar es-Salaam

Our latest video conference to the Tanzanian pioneer pastors and children’s ministry workers was held at the end of January. Encouraged by the on-field success after our conference last September, which included teaching for those in children’s ministry, we decided to expand this meeting to three days.

Young kids who became Christians in southern Tanzania

For the first two days, we focused on the secrets of children’s ministry through pre-recorded teachings, which the known mission veterans Raili Väisänen and Mirjami Ylenius-Kuosmanen gave in Swahili. We were delighted to have five children’s ministry workers joining from the island of Zanzibar as well. The third day was reserved for meeting with the pioneers, where, as usual, teaching was conducted by our multinational teaching team.

Opposition was experienced beforehand in a form of health challenges, and at the premises when a big truck broke the power cable going into the conference hall. But thanks be to God for health, protection, and the restoration of electricity!

Missions continue in the heart of the Zaramo area

A Zaramo family who became Christians with two of GNN’s team members

After returning from the visit to Finland about a year ago, our Ugandan missionary, Francis, had to stay at his home for a long time due to the country’s strict corona restrictions. In November he was finally able to travel back to Tanzania and resume his ministry amongst the local tribes.

In January, a team of 10 people traveled to Kisaware and Masaki villages situated in the middle of the 1,2 million Zaramo tribe area. With the rental vehicle they brought along a generator for showing ‘The Jesus Film’ in the Zaramo language. May the seed sown yield a bountiful harvest!