A Year of Changes

Pastor Jonathan returns to Australia

Jonathan Lemmetti, from Australia, became my colleague five and a half years ago. Energetic and helpful, he joined me in GNN missions and was working part- time as an assistant pastor in Vantaa’s VICF church. He has been a well-liked person both in his home country and in the target countries.

However, there is a time for everything. Pr. Jonathan’s contract with GNN Finland reg. ended in 31.5.2023. In July, along with his family, they will migrate back to Australia. In the beginning of the year, two of the eldest children have already began studies there. We are grateful for the contribution of Pr. Jonathan’s family both here and in the mission destinations. However, it doesn’t all end here!

At first I mourned the departure of a good colleague, but then it came to mind that his loss could be turned into a blessing – what if GNN’s vision of unreached people groups expanded to Australia, where significant missionary work has been done e.g. in Papua New Guinea.

What if the new generation would take on unreached people groups as their own challenge? There are approx. 700 such people groups in Southeast Asian countries alone. We have agreed that Jonathan would try to continue coordinating GNN Africa from Australia …

That’s several prayer topics all at once!