A Three-Country Tour to Southeast Asia in Autumn 2023

Next September I’ll fly to Singapore with Kimmo. There we will join Pr. Shierley Siwi, our Asia coordinator, and Dr. Paul Ng, our Mission Advisor from Singapore. Dr. Paul has organized a seminar to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. During that week, 50 representatives from the local partner’s 240 churches will participate.

The following weekend, we will be in Jakarta. Pr. Shierley has arranged for me an appointment with key leaders of the GpdI -movement.

Pr. Jonathan Lemmetti from Australia joins us in Jakarta. He still coordinates our Africa operations. Pr. Aki Miettinen flies there also from Finland. He is a GNN board member of many years and my regular partner on mission trips, Aki’s topic is Spiritual Leadership.

On Sunday, we will distribute our team to speak at several churches in Jakarta before our next day flight (Monday) to the Sumatra Bible School. That school has started the 39th annual course with two classes and approx. 120 students.

Our third mission week will take place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, a province in East Malaysia. This time our team consists of Prs. Shierley, Kimmo, Jonathan and myself. That seminar week is expected to have 40 participants from various church backgrounds.