Good news in Africa!

During my first visit to Mubende, in 2011, pastor John Magabe had requested us to speak on the local night radio. To our surprise he abruptly woke us up at 2 am and then asked for us to be ready and at the radio station for 3 am.

At first I felt like my thoughts were not flowing but then I closed my eyes and started focusing on the listening audience and poured out my innermost thoughts. The next thing I knew, I was being poked on my shoulder to close the session.

Immediately following the broadcast, the radio station was flooded with phone calls. There were even calls from the neighbouring countries: some people wanted to give their lives to Jesus, others were facing illness or needed prayer for problems within their families.

None of us felt like sleeping after that! We prayed fervently on behalf of these various needs. The RadioHeart 102.3 FM listener survey confirms that the messages do reach people and that prayers are answered!