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Children’s Ministry Seminar Amongst the Masai

“What a privilege to be part of a children’s ministry seminar with Masai people in southern Tanzania! There may be travel restrictions but the internet is far-reaching these days! Likewise the message of the Gospel is also far-reaching. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, including children. I’m glad I heard this Good […]

Updates from Indonesia, Uganda and Finland

Indonesia – Sumatra’s 36th Year Course Held in Exceptional Circumstances We have kept in touch also with the Indonesian pioneers and arranged training days by utilizing Zoom. Due to travel restrictions, which have hindered the weekend church visits, this year’s course has been taught also on Saturdays. Thus, they will graduate before May. At the […]

Prayer Challenge and Report from Tanzania

Persecution in the tourist hotspot of Zanzibar In December 2020, three of our pioneers in Tanzania visited Zanzibar, a former slave-trade island, where 99% of the inhabitants are Muslim. The team met seven local pastors, all of whom had been persecuted. One of them had been attacked just half a year earlier; in addition to […]

News from Africa

Tanzania This year we have continued further training of our summer 2019 UPG course participants virtually. Our third meeting of the year was in September, when the pioneers gathered in Dar es Salaam for a video conference. A strong addition to the conference morning was brought by two mission veterans in children’s ministry, Raili Väisänen […]

Early Summer’s Tidings from Africa

(Tanzania & Uganda) Encouraging Internet Conference for Tanzanian Pioneers Our planned mission trip to East Africa in May boiled down to an afternoon Internet conference. We are grateful to follow-up with the participants who were part of the GNN UPG mission training in Dar es Salaam in June 2019. Our multinational teaching team from Finland, […]

Uganda’s Timely Night Radio

The tight transport and public gathering restrictions have brought a collapse to the churches’ activities, causing big difficulties. Being far from the capital city, the Internet connections are unstable, thus limiting connection with others to telephone calls and text messages. However, the ‘Night radio’ programs, that we also support, are broadcast to four other nations […]

God at Work in Domestic Missions

Vantaa International Christian Fellowship (VICF) is our domestic mission – a spiritual home for all nations. Just before Covid-19 restrictions closed all gatherings, we baptised six new believers! Luckily, from the beginning of VICF, we have collected visitors’ contact details with their permission in order to stay in touch with them. Now we can easily […]

A Refreshing Visit

In February 2020, Francis Tusiime from Uganda visited us. He is our key contact in our pioneer work in Tanzania. We invited Francis to strengthen our contacts in Finland. VICF had partially supported the successful course we held in June 2019 in Dar es Salam. Our congregation warmly welcomed Francis of whom they had heard […]